Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids

Improves academic skills

Music and maths are said to be intertwined. The ability to apprehend beat, rhythm, and scales allow children to learn division, create fractions and recognize patterns. Music wires a child’s brain to help them understand different areas of math. Reciting songs use short-term memory and gradually long-term. Musical instruments teach young children physics. Plucking the strings of violin and guitar inculcates them about sympathetic vibrations.

Develops physical skills

Specific musical instruments such as percussion help children develop coordination and motor skills as they require the use of hand, arms and feet movements. String and keyboard instruments such as violin and piano need and demand different actions from the right and left hand simultaneously. Playing instruments not only build ambidexterity skills but also enhance children to become comfortable in naturally uncomfortable positions. Elevating coordination and perfect timing can prepare young minds for other hobbies like dance and sports.

Kids Music Class

Cultivates social skills

Group classes require children to collaborate with peers to create a crescendo. It is essential for children to recognize their importance when playing in a larger ensemble. Whether a group is responsible for determining instruments or formulating melodies, students work with each other towards a common goal.

Refines discipline and patience

Learning to play an instrument involves first learning how to hold the instrument, how to use your hand and where to place your feet. Playing instruments teach kids to persevere through numerous hours, days and months of hard work before given the opportunity to play in a band or attaining specific goals. Playing in an ensemble improves patience as young ones must patiently wait for their turn to play, depict respect for fellow peers while sitting still and quiet for designated periods to be attentive.



Boosts self-esteem

Music lessons provide a forum to children where they learn to accept and give back constructive criticism by turning negative feedback into positive changes which help build self- confidence. The ability to stand or presenting yourself in public is an essential skill as this skill is easily transferable to enhancing public speaking abilities.

Introduce children to other cultures

By learning to play a variety of instruments, children discover how music plays an imperative role in different cultures. For example, bongos and timbales introduce children to African and Cuban musical culture. Versatile instruments like piano and violin support a wide array of styles including jazz which generated from South America. It is an important feature to familiarize children with other cultures at a tender age because it fosters open-mindedness about traditions and worlds beyond the ones they know of.


Interesting Facts about the Band Queen

The world-renowned rock band, “Queen,” was formed in 1970 in England. Within a short span of 10 years, the group had gained millions of followers and become one of the biggest stadium rock bands across the globe. Let’s learn some interesting facts about the member of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Not all artists are drop-outs

A general misconception of society on rock stars not being educated as they dedicate their entire lives to music. A big punch to this misconception is the Queen band, as, except Freddie Mercury, the rest of the band members possessed post graduate degrees.


Freddie Mercury aka Farrokh Bulsara

Freddie Mercury was initially named Farrokh Bulsara as he belonged to an Indian family based from Gujarat. He had later changed his name to Freddie Mercury when he was in boarding school.

Freddie named the band Queen

Freddie was a rebel against the norms of society and knew to call the all-male group; “Queen” would raise questions on sexuality. But he thought it would be a beautiful and strong sounding name.

“I want it all” inspired from Brian’s wife

Brian May claimed that the source of inspiration behind the song was his wife, Anita Dobson when she uttered the words,” I want it all, and I want it now.”

Accidental invention of the stand-free mic

In one of the Queen shows, the microphone stand of Freddie broke, and instead of immediately seeking a new one, he kept on singing as he held the stub of the stand holding the microphone. This later became one of his signature props and then to be used many other singers.


John Deacon is more than a bassist

Not much people know this but John Deacon is a trained electronics engineer, and most of the equipment used by the band was built by him.

MJ insisted on releasing “Another one bites the dust.”

Initially, Queen did not intend on releasing the song. But when Michael Jackson heard it at the backstage of an L.A concert, he convinced them to release it which later became one of their most successful singles and sold over 7 million copies worldwide.

A song composed in a bath

The song, “Crazy little thing called love” was written by Freddie Mercury when he was bathing in a tub in a hotel. Freddie had the piano bought right next to his tub so he could form the song at the moment.

“I like to ride my bicycle,” but Freddie didn’t

Contrary to the lyrics in the song, “bicycle race,” Freddie did not like riding his bicycle. Another lyric, “I don’t like Star Wars,” but in reality, he loved watching it.

Queen honored by England

In the year 1999, the nation of England honored the Queen Rock band by releasing a postage stamp commemorating the great Freddie Mercury.


What Does It Take To Be Successful?

What does it take to be successful?
How do we Define success? What is success to you?

Some think that they are successful if they are popular, rich, or if they have the things that they see others with. We say to ourselves ” If I can just be like the Trumps, or the Kardashians I’ve made it! Or if I can get the bling bling like the Jay Zs or 50 cents of the world then I’ve made it.”

But Success is more than gaining things in the material world. Success is a state of being, a way of life. I would rather be a Success.. than only be successful. To me being a Success begins in the minds of those who possess a deep sense of character and imagination. On the other hand, being successful is determined by exterior things that may change. We are often fooled by society to believe that if we gain money, cars, big houses and the validation of people then we are considered successful. But are you a success without these things? Mark 8:36 says “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul.”

We all have asked ourselves, “Am I successful even if don’t accomplish the things I set out to do?” In answering this question we should exam our motives for wanting to be successful or look at what we gain spiritually in our process of being successful.

As a musician I’ve come to the realization early in my career that I may never be rich, famous or popular but I will still be a success in my mind because I love what I do. It’s not a means to an end by gaining popularity, validation and money but self fulfillment and growth as a human being. And my purpose on earth is to help others become successful. Being a success is knowing you are successful no matter the outcome of a situation.
To me success is in the PRESS or the process!!

Paul said “I press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus” . There are things we learn in life just from going through the process of becoming a success. We learn things about ourselves that we’ve never known before. We learn things about God by going through the process of becoming a success.

One of things necessary for success is:
•Finding your purpose here on earth. What am I here for. What do I need to do to get there?

•Believe/Faith that I can be successful (Faith without works is dead)
•Patience (James 1:3) trying of your faith worketh Patience
(Romans 5:1-5) patience brings one experience in an area. Which aids in the success of an individual
•Persistence- again is the press that Paul talked about in Phillipians. He wasn’t satisfied where he was but He strived to know Christ more intimately He. Strived for a higher calling in Christ Jesus.
•Get rid of excess baggage, dead weight-People, resolve situations in your life so you can be free to be successful. We can’t hang around people that are not goal oriented, that are ungodly, negative, always talking nonsense, I’ll mannered and double minded.
•Be Consistent
•Being on time.
•Humility and Submission to God-(Phil 4:13) I can do All things through Christ that strengthen me!

1-Guidance by the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into all truth. The Holy Spirit dwells on the inside which makes us a success! It’s not by our power or might or even our knowledge but by the Spirit of God that we are successful at anything we attempt to do.

2-Submission to the will of God(Seek Ye First the kingdom of God and His righteousness. And all these other things will be added unto you)
If we seek to do the things God wants us to do first. We will be successful in the things that we want to accomplish in our lives.
If we line up our will with the will of God, nothing can stand in the way our successful. God already knows the things you wish to accomplish. He knows every thought and dream before we have them. He knows and has already devised a plan for your life. He knows your beginning and end. He will help you be successful in any area you want, you just need to submit to His Will and His way. Not your way.
Another element needed in the journey to success is:
•Sensitivity to the overall human condition. Humanity-Respect for the position and condition of others- (What do you do when the police pulls you over?)
To me this shows sensitivity to what police officers have to deal with daily. Also what if I were in that person’s shoes. How would I want to be treated.(Love your neighbor as yourself)
In my opinion the lack of humanity is the reason why it’s easy for someone to take another person’s life over a bracelet or a pair of shoes. Or even on a larger scale, it’s why we have genocide in Africa and war in the middle east. It’s up to us to teach upcoming generations the importance of concern for our fellow human being. Jesus Christ is the greatest example we have of a humanitarian even before it was popular to be so. He loved us so much that He went to the cross with our sins upon Him. He died for us. Would you do that for another human being that isn’t a part of your family? This is true humanity and love. This is what it takes to be a true Success.
Shows common sense!

•Also it takes preparation – Study Investigation. Etc -this is needed in any field of work. That’s why school is important. It teaches you how to study and teach yourself about things. Initiative is key!!
(2Tim 2:15)-study to show thyself approved workman needs not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth

Talk about the spiritual examples Jesus and other in the bible give for each item.
•Jesus was sent to earth to do the work of his father. To be an example of love, compassion, understanding to us all. He did not waver in His faith. He did not waver in his persistence even when people and circumstances were against Him. He did not waver. When the people that said they were with Him turned their backs on Him he did not waver. He went to Calvary to die for us and only to rise again. If Jesus would have listened to those that said He wasn’t the Son of God, maybe He would not have completed the task he was sent to earth to do. So Jesus Christ is the greatest example we have as a successful person because He endured more than we will ever face. He took on the sins of the world to redeem us, even while the world rejected Him as the Redeemer. To me this is man who has the keys to success in the natural realm and beyond.


Thanksgiving: Give Up That Turkey!!

Thankgiving has become a time of the year where families look forward to gathering around a table of food and a big turkey. But is that really what Thanksgiving is all about?
Yes we say we are thankful to God for “giving us things”, but in my opinion if we are so thankful for God’s giving, why don’t we turn our plates down, and give up our turkeys? Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is really about?
There are many people in our communities without jobs, money, food and bare necessities to live but yet we still have the nerve to sit around a table of food and not give to someone in need.
I personally don’t like the way America has commercialized Thanksgiving and Christmas because it makes light of the true meaning of these “holy” days. I feel uneasy sitting at a table full of food and so many others don’t even have clothes, water etc. I think we should not eat anything on Thanksgiving and Christmas. YES! FAST! 
To me this shows compassion and sympathy for the less fortunate.
Even Christmas has gotten out of hand. I believe that no one should buy anything, unless it’s for someone that has nothing. No not even exchanging gifts with our families. We should encourage our families to fast from buying and encourage them to give. Besides it’s not our birthday we are celebrating, it’s the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, we are supposed to be celebrating.
Let’s get back to the real meaning of the “Holy” days and change our perspectives on why we observe these very important days of the year!