Thanksgiving: Give Up That Turkey!!

Thankgiving has become a time of the year where families look forward to gathering around a table of food and a big turkey. But is that really what Thanksgiving is all about?
Yes we say we are thankful to God for “giving us things”, but in my opinion if we are so thankful for God’s giving, why don’t we turn our plates down, and give up our turkeys? Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is really about?
There are many people in our communities without jobs, money, food and bare necessities to live but yet we still have the nerve to sit around a table of food and not give to someone in need.
I personally don’t like the way America has commercialized Thanksgiving and Christmas because it makes light of the true meaning of these “holy” days. I feel uneasy sitting at a table full of food and so many others don’t even have clothes, water etc. I think we should not eat anything on Thanksgiving and Christmas. YES! FAST! 
To me this shows compassion and sympathy for the less fortunate.
Even Christmas has gotten out of hand. I believe that no one should buy anything, unless it’s for someone that has nothing. No not even exchanging gifts with our families. We should encourage our families to fast from buying and encourage them to give. Besides it’s not our birthday we are celebrating, it’s the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, we are supposed to be celebrating.
Let’s get back to the real meaning of the “Holy” days and change our perspectives on why we observe these very important days of the year!